Security is a top priority and we have security methods and technologies in place to protect the details that you transmit over the internet, but no system can ever be guaranteed as 100% safe.

Rapidly advancing technology and the open nature of the internet, for example, make it difficult to achieve watertight security. This is why you too must keep an eye on your own safety, especially when downloading files and supplying personal details on the internet. It's wise for you to take some personal precautions, so we can both ensure that any risks related to using our website is kept to a minimum. We recommend you keep your technology up to date with current security systems and operating systems updates.

E-mail fraud and bogus websites

You may have heard of the term 'phishing'. It refers to fraudsters 'fishing' for your personal and financial details to use for criminal purposes.

Criminals do this, for instance, by making identical copies of websites. They may also send scam e-mails in the hope of tricking you into surrendering your personal information.

Remember: We will never ask you for confidential information in this way.

How can I recognise a bogus website?

Whenever you are uncertain of whether the website on your screen is genuine, check the exact internet address, or URL. The URL of the corporate internet site of Transpacific Wealthcare is To make sure you have the correct URL, you can type it in yourself. That way, you avoid being directed to a bogus address by a misleading banner or link.

How can I recognise a scam e-mail?

Without using additional measures such as a digital signature, it is easy for fraudsters to imitate e-mails. But that doesn't mean you can't recognise scam e-mails. Cyber-criminals often place alarming, enticing or exciting subjects in their e-mails with the hope of tempting you to respond impulsively and divulge the requested information. So, always take your time to read the e-mail carefully. In case of doubt, it is better not to respond. If you do choose to respond, always first check that the e-mail is genuine by contacting the company that is the apparent sender by telephone, for instance.

Remember: We will never ask you via e-mail to supply confidential information.

Must I keep sensitive information confidential?

Always be careful when asked for sensitive information such as account numbers, card numbers, PIN codes and address details. We will never ask you for this via e-mail. We always handle your personal information and security with the utmost care.

Exclusion of Liability

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The exclusion of liability is also made for the benefit of our directors and employees.

If for any reason we are found to be responsible to you for damage arising out of your use of this website our liability to you for all damages, losses and claims (including in contract, tort, negligence or otherwise) will be limited to the amount paid by you, if any, for accessing our website.

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Governing Law

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